CI Optometrists

The original Speccy client! CI Optometrists have a huge place in our hearts and are the root of how we became known as Speccy. Laura worked for Claudine Ickeringill Optometrists whilst at University over 10 years ago, and we’re still involved (in the now rebranded) CI Optometrists today.

Having been involved in their journey for so long after working in house there for 5 years, Laura loves marketing for this independent opticians and isn’t ashamed to admit that she definitely nerds out about new frames, sunglasses and optometry equipment. Fast forward to today and Laura and the team have been managing their social media, newsletters and website for 10 years now. Marketing for opticians isn’t easy with so much technical knowledge required but we’re in the perfect position to deliver it with our own optics nerd.

As a small independent opticians in Chichester, CI Optometrists have always required unwavering professional communication with their growing list of patients. Since the start, we’ve positioned the business as a friendly, luxury brand in the heart of Chichester, suited to private only patients requiring the very best and specialist eyecare.

We have transitioned this brand from a predominantly 40+ market, to a wider generational audience in order to showcase their growing list of competencies particularly with young children. In a small town with a targeted audience, we’ve always believe it’s important that the marketing is precise, with regularity yet balanced in order to not flood the customers that make this brand the success it is today. 

So if it’s marketing optometry equipment, glasses frames, sunglasses, or eye conditions, Laura’s our girl. It’s where it all started, and where we continue to put a personal passion into professional advertising.

Photography Credit: Lucy Davis Photography

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