The British Academy of Sound Therapy

“Getting it” is exactly what The British Academy of Sound Therapy was missing from a marketing partner back when they contacted us in 2017. Seeking a marketing partner ready to fully immerse themselves in a niche industry, Speccy rose to the challenge.

Since 2000, The British Academy of Sound Therapy (BAST) have been teaching their well researched methods of Sound & Voice therapy to holistic therapists around the world. As an industry leader in sound therapy research and methodology, they had no shortage of knowledge to be able to deliver the best sound therapy training in the UK and beyond. However back where our story begins in 2017, BAST had yet to adapt to a fast paced technological training model and have an effective, regular outlet to sell their courses.

“More bums on seats!” – we were told as our goal, and we weren’t afraid to deliver.

The biggest challenge for BAST was their declining student numbers. In 2000 the courses had sold well, but as years had gone on, advertising channels had changed and speaking to their audience was ever harder. Previously they’d focussed heavily on print and events to advertise themselves. They also had a website which was functional but didn’t do much for them. So we brought them new ways of talking to their audience.

Using a more social media driven approach to marketing, we were able to speak not only to prospective customers, but also to current students and alumni all in the same place. We created a community of past and present sound therapists that had somewhere to become informed, ask questions, and keep in touch with their training facility.

We created content that suited their specific methodologies, made them feel included and brought those important students to their door. When we began, they taught 4 courses each year which they often struggled to sell places on. At the start, many of their courses only had 6 people on which wasn’t enough for them to be profitable. Fast forward to 2020 and they now teach 8 courses of which the majority sell out each year and have a waiting list. With us as their support team, BAST now teach around 150 new sound therapists every year (and growing!).

How did we do it?

Really important to our strategy for BAST was consistency and following the academic year to engage with the right people at the right time. Previously many parts of their audience were being left out or ignored. Keeping in touch with those who had graduated, those who had yet to study and those who were in consideration on the channels those audiences were using ensured we delivered.

We also felt it was important to raise awareness for the therapy itself as many people still hadn’t heard of this therapy type. You can’t sell a course in something if people don’t know what it is after all.

We continue to support BAST with their marketing, and year on year we see them grow. Even through the covid pandemic we helped them adapt and sell online courses whilst also ensuring messaging transitioned to one of support.

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