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Laura Westmore

Laura Westmore

Founder & Marketing Director

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Digital Marketing Executive

Dan Meade

Dan Meade

Design & Tech Partner

Forest Trees

We pledge to support
people and planet.
Because we can’t afford not to.

We care about the environment and the impact that our work has on the world. Our own website and all websites where we’re in control of the web server, run on sustainable, green energy and we make it our mission to craft web pages that have minimal load so that we can keep their carbon footprint to an absolute minimum.

And for every website we launch. We plant at least 20 trees.

Speccy Eco Creds
  • The average page on this website is cleaner than 77% of web pages across the web.

  • Only 0.35g of CO2 is produced on average, each time someone visits a page on this website.

  • The average page on this website emits the same amount of carbon that 1 tree absorbs every year.

    And that’s why we plant 1 tree for every page, every year.