About Speccy Media

We’re a digital duo from Chichester. We’re both pretty techy, digital marketing & website development is our calling! After opening in 2017, the little outfit kept growing and went from strength to strength.

A little more than two years on and Speccy Media starts a new chapter, one where Laura and Dan have joined forces to offer a host of digital marketing and web services. Bringing a combined 12 years of experience as tech professionals and a wide range of expertise.

Laura Westmore

I’m Laura, I’m the original founder of Speccy Media, it’s been my baby with me as it’s solo employee until recently! Here’s my story.

I originally studied at Chichester University & whilst there, I found myself a little Saturday job in a high end boutique opticians as an optical assistant. After graduating, I became their social media manager and content marketer and from the outset, I loved it!

A few years later, I decided to further my education and graduated from Udacity with a Nanodegree in Digital Marketing. This gave me all the skills needed to transfer my marketing skills from the optician’s store, to all kinds of businesses. I then qualified as a Google Partner, giving another certificate to my wall and solidifying my skills as a PPC professional. With all the qualifications and experience ticked off, I took the jump and went freelance.

My ethos is a personal one. I’m not invisible, I’m not just someone you email. I love making regular visits to my clients, keeping on top of their goings-on, finding out what they need and becoming as involved as required within their team. This isn’t me and you, it’s us, as a team, working towards your business goals.

Since my humble beginnings, I have been involved in marketing campaigns for all different kinds of businesses including holistic therapies, solo authors, recruitment, fencing, landscaping, manufacturing, jewellers, the list goes on!

As time went on, I found myself needing more and more skills to match requests from clients who wanted their website and marketing all under one roof. As a one-woman band, I couldn’t manage this alone. I didn’t have to look very far for a business partner…literally, across the room. Asking Dan to come on board was the perfect solution, not only does he have all the skills I need, but he already knew my clients from the highs and lows of my journey.

I love the challenge of something new and whatever the type of business, I’m determined to learn it inside out. Marketing and websites can be a headache for those whose skill sets are elsewhere, but this is where we flourish & take away that stress. Whether it’s one-off jobs, occasional jobs or monthly recurring work for businesses big, small or even those not yet in existence, get in touch!

Daniel Meade

Hey, I’m Dan and I’m so pleased to be able to say I’m one half of Speccy Media. I’ve watched, listened, debated and helped Laura build this wonderful brand; Without getting too gushy, I couldn’t be more proud of what she has achieved in such a short amount of time!

Thankfully, she was willing to let me come on board, so here’s a little about me…

I’ve always been entrepreneurial by nature and as a poor Uni student, I couldn’t afford to hire someone to design and build me a website. So I just kinda learned. I scoured the web for every tutorial I could find and taught myself the principles of design and how to code. I emersed myself in the tech world and I’m really thankful I did because my technical knowledge is what helped me kickstart my professional career.

My professional career began in 2010 after a website I had built attracted the attention of a London startup. I was offered a job as a Marketing Executive at the time but that quickly transitioned to a role in Product Management.

It was my job to oversee the development of a tech product for small businesses, I had to work with the design team and the development team to make sure everything was going to be delivered on time and to squash any bugs or address customer pain points. I got to speak one-to-one with our customers, and then CEO’s of multi-million-pound companies in a bid to make sure that everything ran smoothly.

After a few years of this, I decided it was time for a change and I became a freelancer offering web design, web development and tech consultancy. I got to work with some inspiring brands like Macmillan Cancer Support, working on interesting and complex problems to solve real life-changing issues. It was extremely rewarding and taught me a lot. I was even appointed “Scrum Master” for the Macmillan team, which sounds cool if nothing else.

My closest friend also worked in the same industry, his company was growing and before long we found ourselves working together more often than not. So I joined the company. This was a huge deal!

Throughout my time working with this company I got to work with some incredible brands, ‘UGE brands (best Donald Trump impression, ask anyone)! This is where I really honed my skills. Being a small team, and my being naturally curious about anything and everything, I learned and took on a bunch of different roles.

I learned SEO principles in depth, coding accessibility focused websites, designing friendly user experiences and visual interfaces. I learned about business development and marketing, as well as several coding frameworks and languages like Sass, PHP, Javascript and React.

These are all the skills I’m fortunate to be able to offer with Speccy Media. It sounds cliché but Laura and I want Speccy Media to be a little different to the average web and marketing service. We love what we do, and we really want that to show in our work. We’re small, so we have the time to really care about your brand, so if you have a project in mind however big or small, we’d absolutely love to hear from you.

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