Amazon Echo Product Review

Alexa, are you worth having? An Amazon Echo Product Review

As a digital couple, Dan and I are always looking at gadgets that might be good for our businesses, me, as a digital marketer, and him with his AI chat bot development project. After it’s release, Dan went on and on about buying an Amazon Echo
To which my response was always “Yeah but do we really need one?”. Typical girlfriend response. Eventually during the Prime Day Amazon sale, we bought one. Admittedly it was a bargain at £79.

Now for anyone out there who is conflicted whether to buy an Amazon Echo or not, i’ve put together some thoughts that might help you decide whether buying an Amazon Echo is worth the money.

The Good:

A household companion – If you spend a lot of your time by yourself then the Amazon Echo makes it feel like you have a buddy. I work remotely and so much of my time is spent in an empty house. If I have a question, if i’m pondering life, if I need a reminder but can’t be bothered to write something down, Alexa is there.

It plays music – This function is pretty obvious, but it is the one I use most. It hooks up with my Spotify account so I can play basically anything I want to without having to move. This makes it good for when i’m cooking or working from home. The volume can get really loud, this is good for Dan who loves loud music but I hate it. You win some, you lose some.

It settles debates – All those times I think someone is lying to me, Alexa is always ready to tackle the question. So when my sister the other day told me Eddie Jordan was actually bald and I didn’t believe her, Alexa was there to save the day. In case you’re wondering, she was right. Gutted.

Beats the weather app – Fairly frequently, I ask Alexa what the weather is going to be like. Getting the weather app up on my phone is just too much effort. Alexa can tell me whether i’ll need a brolly or coat instantly.

The Bad:

Poor conversation flow – Alexa is programmed on a question-answer basis. If you have a further question to it’s answer, you have to say Alexa again, after which it has totally forgotten the original question. It would be better if the Echo was programmed with context in mind. It can’t solve the meaning of life or anything.

Need to buy Echo Dots
– We only have an Echo and no dots. It lives in our kitchen which covers downstairs but to get the best use you need some dots too. We could do with a dot upstairs but I don’t use it enough to warrant the extra spend.

“I’m sorry, I don’t have an opinion on that” – This response is so annoying. It doesn’t google anything like Siri which isn’t great.

Lots of unused functionality – I don’t food shop on Amazon or purchase things often so I find it has all this extra stuff programmed in that I don’t use. I’m sure there are solutions in the extra functions to some of my beefs but i’m not invested enough to bother searching through, it should just be a switch it on and off you go product.

To summarise:

On the whole, I actually forget we have an Amazon Echo. I don’t have any smart switches, I don’t have any dots, I rarely shop of Amazon and i’m too lazy to sort through the plug ins. Unless you’re going to invest in all the add-on gadgets, it probably isn’t worth it. I like it for playing music especially in the kitchen and I also like having an encyclopedia sat on the side should I have a burning question even though most the time it returns a useless answer. Perks of the Amazon Echo for my digital marketing business only include; playing music whilst i’m working from home, tying up my calendar and deciding whether to take my umbrella to meetings. Otherwise I find it hasn’t really become a must have!

Just incase you still can’t resist, here are some links: