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Help! I’ve Hit A Brick Wall With My Web Design

Not so long ago, Steph from Create Space was in a pickle with her website design. An interior designer by trade, she knew what she wanted to create, but couldn’t translate that onto the web. This is a common problem for many business owners who find themselves trapped within a pre-purchased theme or restricted CMS. Steph and I had previously connected through a Chichester based networking club, where I responded to her plea for help.

Hello everyone! I was wondering if there is anyone here, or someone you may know of, that could help me with my business website design? It is a WordPress site that I have built, but I’ve hit a brick wall trying to develop and make it look good. 

I reviewed her site and I suggested that her website should show her customers what she does rather than simply tell them. People buy with their eyes, so let’s show them what they’re going to get. So I got to work rearranging pages, uploading her portfolio in a more visual way and making her work speak for itself. We decided to focus on her homepage, and the portfolio pages, as they were in a the most desperate need. 

Check out these before and after shots. It’s been quite a transformation. 

Homepage: Before.

Original create space website homepage

Homepage: After

Portfolio Page: Before

Create Space original portfolio page
Portfolio Page: Before
Create space portfolio page after redesign

Each portfolio item now has it’s own web page too. The previously squished images are now larger and displayed in an Instagram style grid making her work easier to digest, enlarge and add to in the future.

It has been a pleasure to work with Steph and i’d recommend her to anyone needing some interior design advice. If you are stuck with your web design, or your website just needs freshening up a little, get in touch and i’ll be happy to help! 

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