Montenegro Views

Why I fell in love with Montenegro

Taking the plunge into the business world has been a stressful time. However I was fortunate that over the winter, my boyfriend and I booked a trip to Montenegro after watching Channel 4’s Married at First Sight. Despite being an avid traveller, I had no idea where it was but I can safely say I was not disappointed! What a beautiful place. It was my first taste of the digital nomad life and I am now considering giving up all hopes of a mortgage in exchange for the nomad lifestyle! Montenegro was an incredible country, probably one of my favourites. In fact, I recommend it so much, here’s a rundown of the trip highlights.

The Hotel

We stayed at Casa Del Mare, Blanche in Bijela. It was an incredible hotel. We had a beautiful room with a huge 4 poster bed, en suite bathroom, air conditioning and a stunning view. The staff at the hotel were all so friendly. We seemed to always want something when a girl named Marija was on reception, nothing was too much trouble for her and she was always pleased to see us…I think! By the end of the week, we knew all the staff and they knew us, top marks for them. The dining area was on a pier out the front which had full table service, plus areas on the end of the pier with sofabed type sun loungers which were so comfy and totally free of charge!

Casa Del Mare Blanche Montenegro Drink Casa Del Mare Blanche Montenegro Dan Casa Del Mare Blanche Montenegro Bedroom


The Food

For the majority of our stay we ate at our hotel. A breakfast buffet was included and I ate Nutella pancakes most days, consequently my jeans don’t fit since my return. The food was yummy and there were plenty of things to try. Their pizzas were huge, for 9 euros we could feed us both for most the day. They also served local dishes which after a few days I was brave enough to try. Njeguski Steak was the winner. It is pork stuffed with parma ham and melted cheese, served with potato cubes and feta cheese sprinkled over the top. Mmmmm. The waiting staff got to know us…and our love for their version of garlic bread! Fish lovers rejoice, on some nights they ran a BBQ on the pier where you chose which fresh fish you wanted and they cooked it in front of you, whilst i’m not a fish lover, it did look very impressive.


Casa Del Mare Blanche Bijela Montenegro Njeguski Steak Montenegro


Unmissable sights

Marija booked tours for us through the hotel and arranged for us to have packed lunches to take with us, so cute! We used a company called Trend Travel which had guides that spoke in English and Russian. We were picked up and dropped off not far from the hotel and they were very affordable. Here are a few of the absolutely unmissable sights:


Durmitor National Park – The Black Lake

Durmitor National Park MontenegroIt’s a long journey here but worth it. The Black Lake is nestled between the mountains and the forests creating an amazing landscape. It is part of the biggest National Park in Montenegro, Durmitor. They have an array of wildlife from black squirrels to bears but sadly we didn’t see any. Rowing boat hire was available on the lake itself and you could swim in it. The view absolutely took my breath away.


Old Town Kotor

Kotor was more set up for tourists than Bijela. We climbed a fortress which was exhausting in the heat but a great view from the top! There is great history of the buildings which our guide explained to us. It feels very much like Venice but less busy.

Kotor Town Montenegro


Budva MontenegroBudva was a thriving holiday destination, surrounded by old city walls and the beach. This is the spot to go if you are wanting a mix of culture and partying. The Old Town was very picturesque and had squares where people were playing music or selling trinkets. In the afternoon we went to the beach, it was nice to have a sandy beach as the bay was all stones.


Dubrovnik Walls Croatia MontenegroJust a short journey away is the Croatian border so we took a bus to Dubrovnik for the day. It is a Game of Thrones lovers dream. Stepping into the city, it actually looks like King’s Landing, apparently the filming isn’t all CGI. Did my Queen Cersei walk of shame! We bought a pass for the city walls which was a very scenic walk with amazing views, the same pass also allowed access to Lovrijenac Tower (The Red Keep). Note that most places only accepted the local currency, NOT euros. This was a bit of a pain. It was also more expensive to eat/do activities because it was more built up than Montenegro. However, a fantastically beautiful city, BIG RECOMMEND.

Fort Lovrijenac Dubrovnik Montenegro Cersei Walk Of Shame Steps Dubrovnik Montenegro


All in all it was a fantastic trip and i’d love to go back for a weekend. For my first digital nomad adventure it was a lovely destination. Even the times I had to sit and work, with a view like that who can complain. I can’t recommend the hotel and their lovely staff enough, I was sad to leave. Montenegro gets top marks from me. Fingers crossed that the next digital nomad adventure isn’t too far in the future!

My top read this holiday, couldn’t put it down! I was actually excited to get home and buy the sequel.