Methodist Ministers' Housing Society

A New Home for the Methodist Ministers’ Housing Society

The Methodist Ministers’ Housing Society (MMHS) provides housing for retiring Methodist presbyters and deacons. Their residents have spent their lifetime caring for others, now MMHS cares for them in their well-earned retirement.

Website Design & Development

When Clive, manager of Communications at The Methodist Ministers’ Housing Society approached us to create a new website for the charity, we saw it as a way to show off our inclusive design chops!

The nature of the charity’s clientele meant that the website needed to be accessible to those with visual impairments. Their current website made some attempt at this, but fell down in several key areas.

We set about creating a design that wouldn’t need additional accessibility controls like contrast toggles and text size adjustments. Our goal was to ensure the site simply catered for everyone from the very start; we used the charity’s brand palette to develop high-contrast colour combinations and large, clean and simple typefaces to increase legibility. We utilised white space to help break down the content so that it was easily digestible for the viewer.

Charity Website Design for MMHS
Charity Website Design

Creating a charity website design using modules

One of the reasons that charity website design (for the most part) appears to be a little behind the times, is that for many charities, finding the time to work on their website is hard to come by – especially when the administration side of the website is difficult to use.

It was important then for us to make maintaining the website as easy and simple as possible for MMHS. We created a module based design system that would allow the charity to design and craft pages of their own using the pre-built modules and in a way that they could do it all intuitively within minutes.


Each module we created serves a different purpose; from a simple text area to a useful links block, from an Image with text callout area to a block introducing the charity’s personnel. Each module can be added, removed, rearranged and restyled based on how the charity wants to use it.

This meant that in just a few minutes, the charity could create a new page, add in their content and have almost limitless combinations of layouts to choose from.

Charity Website Design using Modules