Birdham Bear

When a little bear told us he needed a new home, we knew what we had to do

We sprang into action!

Birdham Bear, Mr Fox, and his nature fairy friends share storybooks, gifts and so much more that inspire children to remember who they really are.

Website Design & Development

A bear with a very important message

When Lynne Healy, author of the Birdham Bear stories told us what motivated her to create Birdham Bear and his loveable friends, we couldn’t be more on board with her ‘why’.

Birdham Bear’s mission is to inspire children to remember who they are and prolong that precious innocence we all love about them.

Lynne needed a new home for Birdham Bear and his friends; a home that felt warming and inviting to readers entering his magical world.

With a focus on showcasing the books and products Birdham Bear had to offer, we created a design that was clean, user-friendly, and visual lead.

Birdham Bear home page design
Birdham Bear Website Design

Built with modules to provide ultimate flexibility in a bespoke design

Over the years drag-and-drop web builders have become extremely popular, they provided extreme flexibility for non-developers to create and craft web pages as they saw fit.

The problem is they’re often extremely heavy, clunky, and lead to long load times on your website, which can often frustrate and drive customers away.

We created a suite of bespoke modules that Lynne could add and order as she wanted to craft her own pages, without adding in all of the unnecessary code that traditional drag-and-drop builders require.

The result was a clean, performant website with extensive flexibility.

A more advanced shop experience

Birdham Bear’s previous home lived on the popular web-builder platform Wix. Lynne was able to sell Birdham Bear’s stories and goodies on the Wix based website, but some of the shop features were limited, and Lynne needed more control as the loveable bear and his friends continued to grow.

We decided to go with the trusty WordPress and WooCommerce combo to power the new store, providing Lynne with greater control over the shop and access to more statistics and reporting.

Birdham Bear Website Design

We added a Cookie that visitors will love

GDPR would have us believe that most cookies are bad, but for Birdham Bear we used a cookie to delight and enhance the user experience in an anonymous and non-invasive way.

When a visitor lands on the website for the very first time, Birdham Bear will be waiting to personally welcome them into his magical world.

This was an experience that Lynne was keen to provide for new customers, but we knew it could quickly become annoying for regular visitors, so we set a cookie to remember if a visitor had been to the website before and if they had, Birdham Bear would know that he didn’t need to welcome them again.