Crafting the way to Ads success for a local hub of creativity

Clothkits is a well known and loved sewing & haberdashery store in Chichester. Kay and her cloth kittens have worked hard to establish themselves in the city centre, becoming the local hub of craft & creativity.

Google and Facebook Ads, Shopify Development

Inheriting a Shopify website and adding those finishing touches

Kay came to Speccy Media wanting to diversify her offering by selling more online and give the whole country access to her crafty goods. She’d had a Shopify website built a few years before but it wasn’t quite perfect and needed some finishing touches with a couple of bug fixes here and there.

It was important to Kay that she chose someone local, reliable and who was hands-on after having been disappointed by other services in the past and that’s where we came in!

We were able to work through the issues of the Clothkits Shopify store without needing to rebuild completely. Through a few code tweaks and building a new feature here and there, we were able to expand on what had already been built to give the site a more polished experience from start to finish.

This gave the best possible chance of conversion for the customers who would be coming in from our online ads strategy.

Clothkits homepage

Boosting sales with Facebook and Google Ads

We used an effective Facebook ads remarketing strategy to target customers who had visited the site and not completed a purchase. This made sure that customers who were hot leads, were reminded of their incomplete purchase and encouraged them to complete their checkout. This campaign has been on-going and has become an integral aspect of driving revenue through the website.

Whilst local people already knew about the store, countrywide sales were significantly less frequent. So the goal was to inspire brand new customers to purchase. Laura set up a Google Shopping Campaign and started small, growing the campaign from the ground up. Through regular optimisations the campaign has gone from strength-to-strength.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the physical store was forced to close. Having put in the leg-work for the previous 12 months, testing audiences, budgets and placements, we were able to upscale the online campaigns to help offset the lost revenue of the physical store.

We created a Facebook campaign to entice new visitors to the online store, increased the volume of Google shopping ads and put a notice on the website to show that the online service was still available during lockdown.

This upscaling proved highly effective. From March – May 2020, Clothkits Google shopping ads have returned a ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) of 28x, the Facebook ads remarketing campaign return has increased by 50% and the cold sales campaign receives an 18x return. We are delighted to have not only have helped keep the business afloat during this difficult time, but sail through the storm!