Brightening up the online home of a vibrant charity

FitzRoy is a national charity transforming the lives of people with learning disabilities. They have a vision of a society where people are treated as equals, regardless of their disability, and we couldn’t be happier to support that.

Website Design & Development, Google Ads

A collaboration with a local design studio.

In Partnership with our friends at StudioMoo, we were asked to brighten up FitzRoy’s existing website to bring it more in line with their recently revamped brand.

Using the new brand assets created by StudioMoo as our guideline, we created a refreshed design for the website that brightened everything up, spaced things out and improved the overall experience of the site.

We weren’t able to start from scratch on this one, so our challenge was to reskin the existing components of the website and to add in a few new ones here and there.

Providing control and flexibility was key for FitzRoy as the marketing team wanted to be able to adjust the structure, colours, and overall feel of the site as they wanted.

FitzRoy Homepage
Speccy Media FitzRoy Web Design

Retaining Google Ads Grant Status and training the team

As a charity Fitzroy are eligible for a $10,000 per month free ad spend from Google on search ads. Whilst they had applied for this and started their campaign, nobody in the current marketing team knew how to run these ads or how to get the most out of the spend.

Google Ads grant statuses are given on a case by case basis, and they must be maintained properly, under stringent guidelines to keep receiving their free ad spend. With no ads specialist on the team and an unmanaged account that no longer met the requirements, Fitzroy were in danger of losing their account.

We were brought in to fix up their account to ensure that the guidelines were once again met. The account was restructured, conversion tracking was added, keyword strategies were re-evaluated and an intensive training course was given to the marketing team so that they were able to maintain the ad account themselves.