The Barn Little London

A Drive-thru community service with a Rare twist

Sorry, no fries with that!

The Barn Little London is a new drive-thru service in our home town of Chichester, offering rare food brands to the local community. The service brings a little luxury while raising much-needed funds for charity during the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond.

Website Design & Development

A feat we’re proud of

It was 6pm on a Friday evening when our phone began buzzing away on the desk as we finished up our work for the day. It was Emma, founder of The Rare Brand Market, a very much loved service in the Chichester area.

Emma told us of her new drive-thru service that she had launched in response to Covid-19 pandemic and the issues the local community were facing buying their groceries.

The drive-thru service allows the community to shop locally and in a socially distant manner, not only keeping them safe, but supporting their local businesses too.

It was a fantastic idea and the uptake was greater than expected, so after Emma and her team navigated their way through the administrative challenges of taking orders by phone in their first week, we were asked to design and build a website for customers to make their orders online.

What we didn’t expect was that they really needed the site to be delivered in time for the following weekend. We had 7 days to turn it around, and we do love a challenge…

The Barn Little London Homepage
The Barn Little London Web Design

Making the shopping experience as seamless as possible

The Barn Little London sells food products from rare and local brands, it’s a sort of boutique grocery store in a sense. This meant that we had some big considerations to take into account when designing the shopping experience.

We wanted to make it as easy as possible to add products to the shopping basket and to let customers shop as efficiently as we could. This meant that we needed to remove the requirement to click into a product to add it, or indeed more than one of that item.

The solution was to allow customers to add as many of any one item as they needed from the main shop screen, while they were amongst all of the other products. Doing this saved countless extra clicks and prevented a lot of friction that would have existed in the shopping experience otherwise.


Emma and her team are continually adding to the products available for order, so having the ability to quickly search for a product became a critical feature.

We designed a floating search trigger that is always visible to the customer and makes it easy and intuitive to launch the search functionality. From there, customers can search for products using instant search – returning results as they type. Just as on the main shop page, we provided the ability to add as many of a product to their basket directly. The goal was to make the shopping experience as smooth and intuitive as possible.