“Be the authority, without upsetting our retailers” - This was our brief when Jackloc came to us.

As the UK’s leading manufacturer of window restrictors, Jackloc came to us looking to improve their search visibility and work towards an organic method of marketing. As both a B2B and B2C business with supplier agreements in place, they were keen to keep their resellers happy and not compete with them in terms of advertising space. This meant paid methods of advertising weren’t an option. With this in mind, we set out a strong content marketing strategy and technical SEO strategy with a strong focus on site structure in order to achieve their goals.

We have been writing for Jackloc and maintaining their SEO for 3 years now and are delighted that Year on Year their search traffic continues to grow each year. We have achieved this by being very specific with our keyword research, choosing topics to write about that span the different audiences the business need to hit without getting lost in the noise.

We aren’t shy to tackle topics that we know nothing about! Whilst we came at this project having never considered this product before, we can safely say that we learned very quickly and now are confident in writing both sales and SEO copy for this niche product to customers and other businesses.

Increases in organic traffic YoY:

August 2020: 1600

August 2021: 2500

August 2022: 2700

August 2023: 4600