From a much loved Insta brand to patch of the web so very scrumptious.

NOSH was born from Tan's mission to create healthier alternatives to commercial snacks, while satisfying her inner Heston Blumenthal experimenting with flavours!

Based in West Sussex, Tan's Nosh balls are bite-sized treats packed with energy and goodness. Free from added sugar, Nosh are luscious balls of energy to feast on pre or post exercise, working from home, school pick ups, late night snacks... you don't really need an excuse, they're perfect for any occasion.

From “DM me” to a uniquely delicious buying experience

When Tan first spoke with us she was taking orders for her balls of energy through Instagram DM’s. That worked for her but was a bit of an organisational nightmare!

We wondered too if selling through Instagram might have been impeding her sales, so after some very fun and energetic conversations Tan said: “Let’s do this!”

We got to work crafting a bespoke design that reflected the NOSH brand, a bold, lively identity befitting of Tan’s personality. We already loved the brand look and feel and we had a vision of how the site could look right away.

Nosh About page web design
Nosh Homepage Web Design
The Nosh Community

NOSH is not your average snack, which meant the NOSH website had to be more than the average online store. As each batch of energy balls come contained across two tubs, Tan needed a way for customers to choose their two flavours in one simple, easy to understand method.

We settled on creating just two products; NOSH Now, and NOSH Monthly. Customers could buy in quantities of multiples of two, and buy as a one-off, or on a monthly rolling subscription. This allowed customers to select their preferred flavours from one screen, removing the friction of a customer having to add a product one after the other and getting frustrated when they weren’t able to checkout with a single flavour.

Nosh shopping cart web design
Nosh Monthly page design on mobile
Nosh Subscription page design


Tan already had sort of monochrome vibe going on with her brand, and while we had license to be a bit create we thought it would be perfect to double down on that and let the vibrant colours of Nosh products come through and add that splash of colour and interest. After all, our goal is to get hungry eyes on the products!

Black #212221 33 34 33
White #FFFFFF 255 255 255


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