Giving an epic motorsport brand a website worthy of its reputation

Salone Events is an events company working predominantly in the high-octane fuelled (pun-intended) world of motorsport. Offering a host of, as founder Bernadette would say, 'epic' motorsport events ranging from exclusive track days at some of the UK's most iconic motor circuits, to super-car road-trips across Europe, to high-end hospitality packages at some of the most prestigious race weekends in the Formula 1 calendar.

Salone came to us at a time where, like most events companies, they were unable to operate as the world went into lockdown. Bernadette got in touch with us to help pivot her brand to focus on motorsport and to develop a website that really communicates what a Salone Events experience really encompasses.

A tight turnaround.

In what we’ve come to know as a style befitting of the fast-paced world of motorsport, Bernadette asked us to design and develop a new website and full event booking system in a little over 6 weeks!

We’re always up for a challenge, but for this one we needed to draft in a little help. Up stepped the talented Sam Freeman, a Speccy design partner and owner of Penta Studio, to help us create a set of “modules” that could be used in various order to craft pages throughout the website.

From there, we used Sam’s design structure and style guide to finish up the designs for the event booking and admin pages, before diving into the build.

Salone events Home page design
Salone Events Track Days page design
Supercars at the Salone events trackday at goodwood
Salone Events reviews page on tablet
Salone Events - event management page design
Salone Track Day booking page design
Salone Events at Goodwood

Speccy have gone above and beyond. The research they did was impressive and the initial designs blew me away. The efficiency in which the site was built and delivered was insane. Our website launched with no issues and we have had nothing but positive feedback.

Bernadette Polombo, CEO Salone Events


Having recently gone through a brand re-fresh, we worked with Salone's new brand palette and added complimentary colours set against a dark background to really help the colours of the elements and imagery pop

Salone Red #C12B22 193 43 34
Rich Yellow #F7CB13 247 203 19
Deep Grey #1C1C1A 28 28 26
White #FFF 255 255 255


Korolev Condensed

Korolev font

Korolev Light

Korolev Light

Body Text.

Quiet sans

Korolev body text

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