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Debbie was already an Facebook and Instagram Ads client of Speccy before she asked us to help her refine her brand aesthetic and craft a new website, not to mention the Speccy office was continually filled with the delightful smells of Sara-jane Candles wax melts and candles.

Debbies ads were performing really well, but we thought the her website, powered by Wix, offered a clunky user experience and could be hampering her sales potential. We sat with Debbie to learn more about her vision for her humble home-based brand and set about crafting a design as beautiful as the products Debbie creates.


Debbie's brand already had some idea of its brand colours, but these needed refining and unifying to create one cohesive, complimentary brand aesthetic. We created a new brand palette based on some of the original colours, focusing on lighter, more muted yet refreshing colours.

Green Wash #E7ECE6 231 236 230
Seaweed Green #245E62 36 94 98
Ocean Blue #475684 71 86 132
Deep Purple #695F8B 105 95 139
Light Purple #8C5C92 140 92 146



IM FELL ENGLISH Font example

Body Text.


Creo font example

Debbie already had fantastic imagery, her beautiful products were captured magnificently which gave us all the tools and inspiration we needed to craft a website design fitting of the brand.

A key component of the new website was the introduction of subscription boxes. Debbie found that many of her customersĀ  returned month after month to purchase the same products, or to try new ones, but one thing was consistent; they keep coming back!

Wanting to make this as easy as possible for her customers, Debbie asked us to add a few subscription options to the new website. We facilitated this by building on top of WooCommerce, allowing Debbie to manage all of her products, orders and subscriptions all from one simple interface.

Sara-Jane Candles Homepage Design on desktop
Sara-Jane candles product page web design
Sara-Jane candles lit candle scene

We’re pleased to say it worked! The website launched and immediately subscription orders came in, it’s been growing at an impressive rate ever since. Debbies Facebook and Social Ads are performing better too; our guess is the reduced User Experience friction, and refined design are helping interested customers to click that buy button!

Candle Care page design
Sara-jane Candles Subscription Page design
Sara-jane Candles product page design on mobile
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