An online membership hub for a close-knit community.

The Collective brings together inspirational small business owners to support, empower and celebrate each other. Very conscious not to fall into the “Business Networking” category, founders Abby & Helen created The Collective to provide a safe and welcoming space where entrepreneurs feel part of a collective business family.

The brief was to reflect the human-first culture that Abby & Helen have cultivated and represent that ethos online in a rapidly changing communications landscape.

Before the world plummeted into online-interaction-only mode, The Collective was a community featuring mostly in-person events from monthly mingles to bi-weekly coffee catch-ups. At a time where in-person interaction is limited, events based businesses need to pivot fast, and that’s exactly what they did.

We built a membership platform to bring that interaction online, to simplify admin and to future proof an events based business. Integrating with tools like Zoom, Facebook and providing a custom built education hub, we created an inclusive platform for the community to support, share, laugh, learn and teach.

The Collective Blog Desktop
The Collective Home Desktop
The Collective Mingle

For all devices.

It goes without saying that supporting mobile and tablet devices is a must, but the experience of those platforms was especially important for The Collective. The Collective members are particularly tech savvy entrepreneurs and small business owners often conducting business from their mobile device. We ensured that the experience on mobile is just as gratifying and engaging as it is on desktop, from integrated calendar events to watching educational resources.

The Collective Members Directory Tablet View
The Collective Events on Mobile
The Collective Education Hub on Mobile
The Collective Founders Abby & Helen

We put Speccy to the test. And they passed with flying colours! When we engaged Speccy we were part way through a re-brand, re-position and re-think of sorts. Dan and Speccy worked with us to help refine our vision for the website, and fully embrace our collective ethos.

Helen & Abby


Abby & Helen had already spent some time crafting their new brand palette. We worked with them to refine the palette a little and utilised bright & muted colours in combination with deep, rich tones to create a fresh feel with real pops of colour.

Teal #174054 R23 G64 B84
Pine #26595D R38 G89 B93
Green Wash #BFCECB R191 G206 B203
Light Pink #F2E2DD R242 G226 B221
Cream #EEE7D4 R238 G231 B212
Off-white #f7f7f7 R247 G247 B247


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